Иностранный язык  тест синергия

На тест "Иностранный язык - Синергия" мы предоставляем ответы бесплатно. Если у Вас не получается закрыть этот или любой другой тест Синергии, то мы можем помочь. Стоимость теста- 300 рублей. Оплата после решения теста.
  1. Karina is  … but she lives and works in London. A) Mexico B) Mexican
  2.  His grandfather … from his job a year ago. A) was retiring B) retired C) has retired
  3.  A. … the target market? B. It’s aimed at stylish young men who want to look good. A) My subject today is B) What’s
  4.  The company  … only four people and they all work in one office. A) supplies B) employs
  5.  The room looks very clean … you … it? A) Do, clean B) Have, cleaned C) Did, clean
  6.  Mr Albert  … to meetings. A) doesn’t go B) isn’t go C) not go
  7.  A. … my new camera. B. Oh dear. I’m sorry to hear that. A) I have a problem with B) I’m afraid I can’t make
  8.  When I … it … yesterday. A) woke up, rained B) wake up, was raining C) woke up, was raining
  9.  A. … Pascal’s is the best restaurant. The food is delicious. B. Yes, I agree. The food is great. A) What about using B) I think
  10.  A. … training to do my job properly. B. I’m sorry. It’s just not possible. A) Can I have your B) I need some
  11.  What do you think? A) I think we need to target young people. B) Yes, I do.
  12.  She … her work already. A) hasn't finished B) has finished C) finished
  13.  She started her job last year, … April. A) in B) at
  14.  I  … you later, OK? A) call B) ‘ll call
  15.  … you  … many cities when you were in France. A) are visiting B) did visit C) have visited
  16.  Is there a car park? A) OK. What is it? B) Yes, there is.
  17.  Yesterday my flight  … at about three o’clock in the afternoon. A) land B) landed
  18.  Can I speak to Jorge Ramos, please? A) I’m afraid he isn’t in the office today. B) OK, I’ll take a look at one.
  19.  What day suits you? A) How about Wednesday? B) I think we need to target young people
  20.  Do you like football? A) Yes, please B) Yes, I do.

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