Иностранный язык (Практический курс первого иностранного (английского) языка) 3 семестр- тест №3

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Иностранный язык (Практический курс первого иностранного (английского) языка) 3 семестр- тест №3 - ответы на тесты МФПУ Синергия


Тест №3 (Пересдача)

Текст: «Close Encounters»

Read the text and write T (true) of F (false)




In the last two decades, astronomers have found thousands of…




I (to ask) at the lesson yesterday

Is asked

Am asked

Was asked


We’re not raedy, we don’t have the right technology yet to study

Small stars

Small exoplanets


When the manager arrived, the problem (to solve) already

Had already been solved

Has already been solved

Was solved


Kepler- 10b orbits over… times closer to its star than our Earth does to our sun




In 2011 a huge asteroid passed very close to Earth




Kathryn’s father is…

An amateur astronomer

A professional astronomer


By the time I arrived, all your letters already (to open)

Were opened

Have been already opened

Had been already opened


… had discovered Pluto

Dr. V. M. Slipher

Clude Tombaugh


Bread (to eat) every day


Is eaten

Is eat


This text (to translate) by 5 o’clock tomorrow

Will be tranlated

Was translated

Will have been translated


The Star Trek Enterpise had to travel vast distances at incredible speeds

To orbit other planets

To land other planets


Our sun is one of hundreds of billions of… and our galaxy is one of upwards of hundreds of billions of galaxies




Sara Seager considers that every star in our sky is

A planet

A sun


How do astronomers work?

They go to the telescope on a lonely moutaintop and look at the spectacular night sky through a big telescope

They work on the computers and get the data by email or downloading from a database


Our solar system is

A collection of stars and planets

A collection of planets and the sun


The largest recorded impact in recent history was in siberia in 1910




Dr Johnos (to interview) at the moment

Is being interviewed

Was interviewed

Is interviewed


Discovered by Amateurs

Scan back over Discovered by Amateurs and complete these sentences about the text

John Dobson

William Herchel


The letter (to receive) yesterday

Was received


Is received


Kathryn Gray had found a supernova

Looking at different recent pictures of outer space and comparing them

Lookink at recent pictures of outer spase and comparing them to pictures taken years earlier


Many houses (to build) in our town every year

Is built

Are built

Were built


My question already (to answer)

Was answered

Has already answered

Is answered

Иностранный язык (Практический курс первого иностранного (английского) языка) 3 семестр- тест №3

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