Английский язык (обучение) – бесплатные ответы на тест Синергия

Бесплатные ответы на тест Синергия Английский язык. Если вы по какой то причине не можете самостоятельно сдать этот или любой другой тест, то мы готовы Вам в этом помочь. Так же можете посетить наш магазин готовых ответов на тесты.

Верные ответы выделены знаком "+" Скриншот с набранными баллами прилагается к тесту

What time … it … ?
Did happen +
Had happened
Has happened

Will you … the bank when you go out?
Be passing
Have passed  
Pass +

Can I speak to Jorge Ramos, please?
I’m afraid he isn’t the office today +
OK. I’II take a look at one

He … it for an hour before I came
Have been doing
Had been doing +
Had been done

His grandfather … from his job a year ago
Has retired +
Was retining

When I … it … yearsteday
Wake up, was raining +
Woke up, was raining
Woke up, rained

The company … only four people and they all work in one office
Employs +

A . … the target market?
B. It’s aimed at stylish young men who want to look good
What’s +
My subject today is

What did you learn from you last job?
OK. I’II take a look at one
I learned how to be patient +

Mr Albert … to meetings
Doesn’t go +
Not go
Isn’t go

What day suits you?
How about Wednesday? +
I think we need to target young people

… Ricardo drive to work?

Does +

And what … now?
Are you doing +
Do you do

This office building … a meeting room
Not have
Doesn’t have +

… you … many cities when you were in France
Are visiting
Did visit
Have visited +

Tomorrow at five he … football
11 play +
11 Be playing

I … for you for more than one hour
Has waited
Was waititng
Have been waititng +

Do you like football?
Yes, please
Yes, I do +

How about a cup of tea?
Yes, please +
OK. What is it?

I … my breakfast
Have already had +

There’s something I’d like to talk to you about
Yes, please.
OK. What is it? +

My suggestion is to go for a cocktail
That’s a great idea +
Yes, I do

Oscar … from home
Sometime work
Works sometimes
Sometimes works +

A . … my new camera.
B. Oh dear. I’m sorry to hear that
I have a problem with +
I’m afraid I can’t make

Next week, she’s moving to a new flat because her old one is … from the office
Too far +
Far enough

A . … Pascal’s is the best restaurant. The food is delicious
B . Yes, I agree. The food is great
What about is using
I think +

I … ypu later, OK?
‘II call +

Now I … for a taxi
Am waiting +

She started her job last year, … April
In +

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