Английский язык (2)- готовые ответы на тест МФПУ Синергия

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Английский язык (2)- готовые ответы на тест МФПУ Синергия


Английский язык (2)

… the target market?
B. It’s aimed at stylish young men who want to look good+
My subject today is

Now I … gor a taxi
Am waiting

I … you later, OK?
‘II call

Why don’t you buy a self-study course?
Yes, there is
OK, I’II take a look at one

The company … only four people and they all work in one office

She’s a very … person – she likes to be on time

Is there a car park?
Yes, there is
OK. What is it?

He … it for an hour before I came
Have been doing
had been doing
had been done

… my new camera
B. Oh dear. I’m sorry to hear that
I have a problem with
I’m afraid I can’t make

Last night I … home at 11. I … supper and then … to bed
Have come, had, went
Came, have, had, went
Came, had, went

There’s something I’d like to talk to you about
Yes, please
OK. What is it?

This office bulding … a meeting room
Not have
Doesn’t have

What day suits you?
How about Wednesday?
I think we need to targer young people

They … for 20 minutes when his mother came in
Were talking
Had been talking

… training to do my job properly
B. I’m sorry. It’s just possible
Can I have you
I need some +

Karina is .. but she lives and works in London

She … her work already
Hasn’t finished
Has finished

Tomorrow at five he … football
Be playing

… credit card details, please?
B. It’s a MasterCard. The number is …
Can I have your
What about using

Next week, she’s moving to a new flat because her old one is … from the office
Too far
Far enough

And what … now?
Are you doing
Do you do

When I … it … yesterday
Wake up, was raining
Woke up, was raining
Woke up, rained

Will you … the bank when you go out?
Be passing
Have passed

Do you like football?
Yes, please
Yes, I do

What time … it …?
Did happen
Had happened
Has happened

How about a cup of tea?
Yes, please
OK. What is it?

Oscar … from home
Sometime work
Works sometimes
Sometimes works

I … for you for more than one hour
Has waited
Was waiting
Have been waiting


When … in Thailand?
Did you arrive
Have you arrived

… Pascal’s is the best restaurant. The food is delicious
B. Yes, I agree. The food is great
What about using
I think

Английский язык (2)- готовые ответы на тест МФПУ Синергия
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  1. Ирина

    Уже не знала где искать ответы. Благодарю. Товар соответствует заявленному

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